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Acme Electronics Corporation was established on Sept. 5, 1991 as a spin-off from USI Corporation. ACME specializes in production and sales of Mn-Zn ferrite cores, Ni-Zn Ferrite cores, and Sapphire Ingot as well. Major shareholders include USI Corporation, China Development Industrial Bank and USI Investment Co., Ltd., etc. ACME was listed on the Over-the-Counter Securities Market, Taiwan in February 2005.


The Division of Soft Ferrite products of ACME began its commercial operation in December 1994 after building Kuanyin plant and completing its pilot run. In 2000, the second factory was built in Kunshan to serve East and North markets in China. The construction of the Guangzhou factory in 2005, which is the third production site of ACME, will support the growing market in South market of China.


ACME’s Soft Ferrite products are elements of inductance passive electronic components such as power transformers, loaded coils, choke and demagnetization coils, which are widely used in numerous 3C devices, including power supplies, desktop monitors, notebooks, broadband network systems, telephone switching systems, relay stations, mobile phones, PDAs, LCD TVs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, video games handsets, scanners, etc.. Aiming to become a global leader of soft ferrite passive components, ACME is dedicated to providing flexible production system, high quality products, and professional service for customers.


In 2007, the new Division of Sapphire for producing Sapphire Ingot of LED upstream material was established, and Toufen factory was built for this new business early this year (2008). Toufen factory is currently able to offer Sapphire Ingot for diameter of 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches, which form a complete upstream-midstream-downstream supply chain for LED industry in Taiwan. ACME has been supplying Sapphire Ingots to several Sapphire wafer customers in Taiwan. The high quality of ACME’s Sapphire Ingots has been recognized by all customers.


For the purposes of integrating resources, reducing cost, and optimizing R&D process, in 2008, ACME has completed the acquisition of ACME Components (Malaysia) Sdn., which belonged to USI group in the past; then it will further help expand the operation scale and enhance business performance, to increase the company’s overall competitiveness in the future.

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