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R&D Plan

1. Development for application of EMI wide temperature materials.

2. Development of high frequency (1~10MHz) inductor materials and cores.

3. Development of Nanocrystalline Alloy Magnetic inductor materials and cores.

4. Development and application of materials with high magnetic permeability and high Curie temperature.

5. Ferrite Injection Molding technology development.

6. Development of high-purity silicon carbide ceramic powder and sintered parts .

7. Development of broadband transformer materials and cores for Internet of Vehicles.


R&D Achievement

1. Electric Vehicle on-board power supply and charging pile power supply materials and cores.

2. Materials and cores for automotive magnetic sensors.

3. Air bag connector material and cores development.

4. Development of high-frequency server materials and cores.

5. Development of TPMS RFID sensor materials and cores.

6. Development of high-purity silicon carbide(SIC).

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