About ACME

ACME Electronics Corporation was established on September 5, 1991, invested and established by USI Corporation, engaged in manufacturing and sales of manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc soft ferrite cores for inductive passive components, and silicon carbide (SiC) related products. At present, the main shareholders include USI Corporation and USIFE Investment Co., Ltd., etc. The Company's stock has been listed for trading on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) since February 2005.

The manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc soft ferrite cores produced by our company are inductive materials in passive components, and can be used as filters (Filter), choke coils (Choke), electronic ballasts (Ballast), power supplies (SPS) , various transformers (Inverter, Converter, Inductor, Telecom), the electronic components can be further applied to (wireless) chargers, cloud servers, desktop computers, notebook computers, LCD monitors, LED TV, along with other common electronic products such as mobile phones, automotive electronics and communication network equipment. Because inductors can stabilize electric current, remove noise and suppress electromagnetic radiation, they are widely used in electronic information and consumer products.

At the end of 1994, the company completed the construction and trial run of the Taoyuan factory and started commercial operation.

In 1998, the company outsourced the processing of ferrite cores grinding through Gao'an Electronics Factory in Chang'an Shangsha Management District, Dongguan, China, and the processed finished products were distributed and sold to customers in South China.

In 2005, ACME Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province to replace the function of Gao'an Electronics Factory and continue to expand the South China market.

In 2000, the company invested in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province China, to establish ACME Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. to enter the North China and East China markets.

In 2008, the company acquired Acme Components (Malaysia) Sdn., a soft ferrite cores factory owned by Swanlake Traders Ltd., a subsidiary of USI Corporation.

Overall, the cooperation between the company and the affiliates is based on the mutual support of technology, production capacity, marketing and services to reduce production costs, satisfy customer needs and maximize operating performance.

Silicon carbide (SiC) produced by the company is a power semiconductor material that can achieve low power consumption, high efficiency and miniaturization. Compared with traditional silicon (Si) semiconductor components, SiC can reduce energy switching losses, even at high temperatures It still has excellent working characteristics.

SiC power components have begun to be used in solar inverters, electric vehicles and railway systems; semi-insulating SiC is also expected to become the substrate material of power amplifiers for 5G applications. The market application of SiC has gradually developed and formed, and all countries in the world have listed SiC as a strategic key material.